McCreery House does not have an on-site caterer. You can cater in with a caterer of your choice or we would be happy to suggest an approved caterer. We also allow you to bring in your own prepared food and we will help you serve. Prepared food needs to be ready to serve.

Alcohol beverages may be served. We allow you to bring in your own beer, wine and champagne. If an open bar is requested, arrangements must be made with the caterer for a licensed bartender to monitor and serve. Clients must remember that minor's under 21 years of age are not served alcoholic beverages.

We reserve the right to monitor alcohol use at any time during an event and /or terminate service to any individual or group.

Candles are permitted only with a solid plate beneath to avoid possible fire and wax damage to furniture and linens.

Children are welcome during events; however, because of safety concerns we require that children be supervised by an adult at all times.

Decorations without nails, screws, or any other objects causing damage to the premises are allowed.

Smoking is not permitted in the McCreery House at any time; however, a designated smoking area is located outside.

There is designated parking for vehicles in the church parking lot on the corner of 7th and Washington. Vehicles are not permitted to park in the driveway except for the handicap.

Tent rental for the garden is available.
Throwing bird seed and flower petals are permitted outside only. Throwing rice is not permitted. In accordance with state law, no fireworks are permitted.

Sound level must be kept at a reasonable level so as not to disturb neighborhood residents. Amplification may not exceed a decibel level of 55. Please inform your musicians and/or DJ of our sound limits. All music must end at 9pm.