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Wedding Budget Building 101

Are you wondering how much it will cost to have the wedding of your dreams? Or maybe you wonder if the wedding of your dreams and the reality of your budget are even in the same realm? It is a daunting question and sometimes leads couples down 1 of 2 paths. Diving right in and booking before budgeting can be a trail of tears and credit ca...
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The First 5 Steps - Wedding Planning - Made Seriously Simple!

So - here you are! Engaged!  💍  First of all! Yay!  Dreaming of dresses and venues and colors? Already addicted to Pinterest, searching for inspiration?  But are you also you asking yourself, "now what do I do?" There are endless options for wedding planning checklists online - you've seen them! Oh yes, I hav...
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9 Next Steps If You Lost Your Venue Because of COVID-19

9-Next-steps-if-you-lost-your-venue-because-of-covid-19 Deep Breath - here is help!
It is hard to imagine anything feeling more stressful than finding out – days, weeks, or a few months before the biggest day of your life, that the "place" everything was supposed to happen is now not available. This isn't new! This has happened in the past for a variety of reasons and is currently happening to many couples, because of COVID-19 and...
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