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Wedding Budget Building 101


Are you wondering how much it will cost to have the wedding of your dreams? Or maybe you wonder if the wedding of your dreams and the reality of your budget are even in the same realm? It is a daunting question and sometimes leads couples down 1 of 2 paths. Diving right in and booking before budgeting can be a trail of tears and credit card debt that follows you for years. (Ha! That rhymed - how Dr. Suess of me!) On the reverse side of that - couples may assume that their dream day is not even financially possible, believing they are going to have to DIY everything and burn out before the big day. Neither option has to be the road to wedding day. The journey can be fun! And you can come out on the other side feeling like it was worth every penny spent! 

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you even put that pencil to paper. 

1. What is the very most important thing for you and your fiance on the wedding day? We are going to automatically assume that saying "I Do" to your favorite person in the whole world is #1 of course🤍🖤, but after that what comes next?

  • The gathering of friends and family
  • The beauty of the location
  • The photos and/or video
  • The food and drink
  • A specific date or time of year
  • The list can go on, but these are some helpful brainstormers to get you started.

2. When you think about that "most important thing" - what is it that your heart really desires? 
  • Spending some quality time with family and friends and creating a memory that all will cherish
  • Getting away with a small group of family and close friends to a remote destination that will take your breath away
  • Hosting a wedding like this town has never seen and leaving your guests talking about it for months
  • Your heart can be pulled in so many directions here. Sometimes it is easier to figure this out if you think from the opposite direction - if "this or that" were missing from our wedding - we couldn't host without it. What would that be?

You may be asking yourself, what does any of this have to do with budgeting? Everything! I promise! Any good budget is built on a solid foundation where you have identified your purpose and your goal. Knowing your goal and your purpose will help you navigate choices about how and where you spend your wedding dollars. It will help you decide if something you are considering is really valuable to you or not. You can take every single item that would go on your budget and hold them up one by one to your purpose and goal and see if they make the cut. 

When do we actually start to do the math? That is probably what you are wondering by now! Couples will often ask me right from the start - what will it cost to have our wedding at The McCreery House. And yes, I can give them a very standard answer and I can share it with you too. Most weddings hosted at the McCreery House - based on 100 guests - with venue and vendors cost somewhere between $12K and $16K. But...that is not the most helpful answer I can give them, because it doesn't focus on their vision. And it is not the most helpful answer I can give you either - because it doesn't focus on your wedding vision! It also defeats the purpose behind this blog.

Creativity and industry experience can help you bring your vision and budget together! Could a couple host a small intimate weekday gathering of close family and friends with a cake and champagne reception, wonderful photographer, and do it for less than $5K? Yes! Absolutely! Could a couple host a wedding so over the top in decor and flair that it's cost could top $55K - sure! If you want a wedding that would rival Hollywood's elite your budget would likely exceed $75K quickly and take place on a mountain top! Your vision and your budget do go hand and hand. But remember your vision can take you by the hand and lead you into the weeds if you don't constantly check it against your purpose and goal. 

This is my favorite part - what makes my heart happy! If you have a vision and you have a budget and you need help figuring out how to make the two of them fit together - call me! Text me! Email me! If you are reading this blog, then you are on my website and I am just a click away! I would love to help you put the plan together! 

Happy Planning and Happily Ever After - Julie

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